Welcome to Sherwood Uniting Church

Sherwood Uniting Church is part of the well-established inner western suburb of Sherwood. Relationships are important to us and we are open to welcome others into our community.

As a Church, we hope and pray that the Christian story would form and guide us as a community seeking to express grace and peace to one another and to the world around us.

Our Worship Service is at 9AM Sunday Morning.

Sherwood Uniting Church

Latest News / Notices

The Season of Advent

Join us as we celebrate Advent “waiting for Christ’s coming” with participation and anticipation.

Christmas Day Service 8am

Advent 2017

Our Vision for 2017

Missio Dei (The Mission of God) 2017 Theme
This year we will be focusing our worship and preaching on the ‘Missio Dei’ which is latin for the Mission of God. It is a specific term that describes the way God works in the world and how we, the church, are invited to be a part of God’s mission.

The boat is an ancient symbol for the church. It features in many of the gospel stories and acts to explain how God’s community functioned. In the image of the boat we are treated to a potent metaphor for living in a community of believers and we can discover what responsibilities have been given to the church and what role the church plays in the world and in the lives of its members.

In ancient days the sea was terrifying. It was believed to be the one part of creation that had not been tamed by God. In an age when everyone believed in sea monsters and an earth so flat that you could sail right off the edge, it took courage to set sail in a creaky wooden boat. Ancient sailors had to trust in God and in each other. By exploring the “boat” metaphor we hope to build a more sea-worthy church to weather the winds of culture and be faithful in our call to be fishers of people.

Download the Missio Dei Booklet for more about our vision for 2017.