Special Occasions


As a Church we rejoice with you as parents in the birth of your child.

We believe children are a gift of God; placed in the care of parents to love and nurture them as they grow in life. You are then part of God’s plan for your child’s life. The things that your child learns, the character your child develops, and the way your child matures will reflect much of the care and love offered.

At the appropriate time parents want to celebrate the gift they have received. The Baptism of a Child provides such a celebration. It recognises what God has done, helps parents to affirm the love and commitment they have toward their child, allows family members or friends to play a significant role by becoming a God-parent, and it enables the Church to continue to support and pray for you as a family.

Sherwood Uniting Church Baptism
Sherwood Uniting Church Adult Baptism
The Sacrament of Baptism is a significant moment in our lives at any age as we publicly acknowledge our desire and will to be disciples of Christ. It is a point of turning, of new life and of confirmation that we belong to Christ and Christ belongs to us through the fellowship of the Church.


Weddings are an occasion of joy and celebrate of the gift of marriage.

In the life-long union of marriage, wife and husband are called to live together faithfully, and to love each other with respect, tenderness and delight. The companionship and comfort of marriage enables the full expression of physical love between husband and wife.

Together they share the life of a home, they help to shape a society that allows human dignity and happiness to flourish.

Sherwood Uniting Church Wedding Ceremony


Funerals provide us with the opportunity to remember and in our remembering we honour the lives of those we love and give thanks to God for their life.

The Uniting Church Funeral liturgy affirms the Christian conviction, that while death is the end of mortal life, it marks a new beginning. As a Church we are here to share the sorrow of those who mourn, and to offer them our love and support.

Remembrance Service

Each year around All Saints we give thanks to God for those who have passed away in the year and invite families who have lost ones to acknowledge them by name. It is in remembering that we re-member our memories and experiences despite the distance and loss caused by death. As a congregation we are thankful for the faithful legacy of those who have contributed to our community in many substantial ways and this service helps us to express our desire to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.